Nettlemint Herbal Tea

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Nettlemint Herbal Tea by Next to Nature


This blend is a great source of iron, helpful during allergy season and has a lovely lavender, mint, and nettle taste.

Known Benefits:

Digestive Aid

Immune Boosting

Allergy Relief


Organic Peppermint Leaf

Organic Lavender Flowers

Organic Stinging Nettle

Jasmine Flowers


net 1 oz • caffeine free herbal tea


Suggested use:

Pour 6-8 oz of boiling water (212° F) over 1-2 tsp. of tea.

Steep 3-8 minutes covered.

Leave tea infuser in or strain + drink up.

Steep multiple times with same herbs!


The FDA did not participate in the making of this product.

Next to Nature does not intend to treat, cure, or diagnose any known ailments.

Please consult your health care provider with any major concerns.


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