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Next to Nature has hand-picked, carefully selected, organic and natural health products, herbs, loose leaf teas, essential oils, sustainably harvested smudge sticks, dry and cold packaged food items, and more. This is a place to come to have one-on-one help selecting the perfect items for all your needs, or browse around and find the perfect items for your healthy home! Our owner, Jamie Vess, goes above and beyond to educate and help customers get better products in their homes for a safer, more natural lifestyle and live next to nature.

Jamie's mission is simple: serve her community, with items that come from the Earth, just as God intended us to use. There are so many health concerns people are faced with every day that can be avoided or treated just by being more conscious of what is brought in our homes to put in or on our bodies. Jamie believes she can help others learn exactly what to use and how to find the right foods and products to get the best results for safer homes, healthier families, and a happier planet.

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